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Freakstreet Productions Inc.

Freakstreet Productions Inc. is a Mississauga based independent record label and production company.  Our goal is to work with artists who have passion, energy and a strong creative vision to deliver a signature product. 

Through Freakstreet Productions Inc., House of Not released Part I – Off the Path from the five part Rock Odyssey "The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode" in 2003 and Part II – Sexus in 2005. Both albums received favorable critical and public acclaim across Europe (especially in Germany, France, the Netherlands) and the United States. 

house of not Freakstreet Productions Inc. is pleased to release House of Not's third album Part III – On the Madness of Crowds
of ‘The Walkabout’.  To learn more about House of Not and ‘The Walkabout’ visit The House or to purchase House of Not’s CDs & Merchandise, please click here.

For general, distribution and/or licensing inquiries, please see "Contact" section. For artist info, press kit
and general media inquiries, please e-mail us at:

Critical acclaim for ‘The Walkabout’ includes:

"… a more exciting story told in musical form was probably not experienced since ‘Tommy’ or 'The Wall' " – Home of Rock, Germany

"… I invite you, the reader, to discover this new and exciting world of music that has been so boldly created by House of Not" – Arlequins, Italy

" … very accessible with excellent lyrics and storytelling … 'Sexus' is a deep and well thought out album"– Sea of Tranquility, U.S.A.

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